Alumni Data

OIA manages the University’s database of record for alumni information, and we are entrusted to ensure that it is distributed and used for legitimate purposes. We support departments and programs by providing the information you need for one-time use. To ensure accuracy and data integrity, we advise against maintaining independent alumni databases. If you have questions about alumni data, please contact Niko Campbell, Director of Advancement Services, at

Requesting data

Accessing up-to-date alumni data is critically important for many departments and programs. To request alumni data, please visit, where you can complete an easy form. You will also need to fill out a data policy form signed and approved by a director or department chair before the request is considered complete. The average turnaround time is 10 business days from the submission of the completed data request.

For general data on UMBC and our alumni, learn more by downloading UMBC Alumni and Student Fact Sheet.

Updating alumni data

Online forms make it easy for faculty and staff to send alumni address updates and other information to Alumni Engagement: