Thank Donors

So many of UMBC’s programs and scholarships are made possible by generous donations from individuals, families, foundations, and corporations. One of the important functions of Institutional Advancement is to steward these donors, making sure they understand how grateful the University is and encouraging them to build long-term relationships with UMBC faculty, staff, and students.

The basics of stewardship
  • Thank donors – OIA acknowledges each donor personally. But we also encourage departments and students to send personal thank-you notes.
  • Keep in touch – Don’t just send that thank-you note, keep in touch with donors as your project progresses, or send updates each time you award a scholarship.
  • Involve donors – Find opportunities to invite donors to events to meet students or faculty who have benefited from their contributions.
Recognizing donors with special events and giving societies
  • The Hilltop Society honors the generous group of leadership donors who annually contribute $1,000 or more to UMBC. Donors receive special recognition and regular updates about UMBC initiatives, and attend events.
  • The 1966 Society is named for the year UMBC was established and recognizes donors who have included the University in their estate plans. Donors receive invitations to exclusive events, a subscription to select UMBC publications, and, most importantly, the knowledge that they are benefiting UMBC for generations to come.
  • The Endowed Scholarship Luncheon is held annually and connects donors who have established endowed scholarships with their scholarship recipients. This is a great opportunity for students to thank donors and their families in person for their lasting gift.

For specific questions about stewarding donors, or UMBC’s giving societies, contact our donor relations team.