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Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions

What do we hope to accomplish? 
We know there is power in numbers. As our total number of alumni exceeds 80,000, we want to (a) connect or reconnect our amazing graduates to their university; (b) generate justifiable alumni pride in UMBC; (c) encourage alumni to become involved with campus events and initiatives that support strategic goals; and (d) intentionally connect alumni with current students.

Who can apply? 
Faculty, staff, alumni and students at UMBC can submit proposals for activities and programming. Applications from alumni and students must be submitted in partnership with a campus program or department. We encourage alumni participation in the design of proposed events.

What sorts of events and programming are desired? 
We are soliciting application for activities in several categories:

  • Already existing events that need additional funding and resources to attract and engage alumni.
  • New events that re-connect and engage alumni with the UMBC community.
  • Events that connect alumni with current students around professional and career development topics.
  • Events during Homecoming – not in conflict with Office of Alumni Engagement or signature events/programs.
  • Events that include three or more of the alumni engagement pathways.

What support can the Office of Alumni Engagement offer? 
There will be two types of support available.

  1. Financial support. Grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 will be available on a competitive basis to those who successfully complete the application process and have their proposals approved by a committee.
  2. UMBC’s Office of Alumni Engagement can advise partners on resources to effectively manage events. All events chosen in the process will be added to the website and woven into alumni association marketing as appropriate. A resource toolkit is also available.

What is the funding timeline? 
Funding will be distributed for initiatives by fiscal year (e.g. July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020). Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, and awarded until funds are exhausted. Consideration for the next fiscal year will begin in February, to account for programs that occur at the beginning of the fiscal year. Applications for activities occurring through June 30, will be considered through the end of the fiscal year OR until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

How do I apply?
We’ve provided an application. You will find answers to many of the questions you might have in these guidelines. The current round is now open, and programs for the next fiscal year will be considered beginning in February. 

Who will judge the applications? 
A committee comprised of institutional advancement staff and alumni.

How is money transferred?
Half of the money will be transferred three months prior to event start, with the remaining money transferred after the final event report is received. Recipients must have a UMBC Foundation or State account and follow all necessary policies and procedures related to expenditures.

You’ve asked for a budget. What elements should that include?
The submitted budget should demonstrate that you’ve thought about overall event costs including location, catering, signage, audio visual needs, decor, etc. The budget template is a guide and is not inclusive of all potential event needs.

What should be included in the Final Report for grant recipients?
The final report should be submitted no later than one month after your program or event has taken place. Only after the final report is received will the final payment be processed. There is a Google form provided for the Final Report. Items prepared should include a final budget document, a registration and attendance report, and any photos you would like to share from the activity.