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Employee of the Quarter

The OIA Employee of the Quarter award is a way to recognize and celebrate our colleagues in a way that highlights their exceptional contributions to the university. That work can represent work on a specific project, exemplary campus service, creativity and humor, campus volunteerism, positive problem solving, helpful changes and improvements to existing procedures, overall attitude, and collegiality (although these are just a few examples).

Employee of the Quarter Recipients To Date

Catalina Sofia Dansberger Duque – October 2020
Stanyell Odom – July 2020
Bernadette Darby – April 2020
Leslie Kruger – January 2020
Tina Berterman – October 2019
Kait McCaffrey – July 2019
Leslie Waters – April 2019
Jess Wyatt – January 2019
Theresa Mabe – October 2018
Erin Johnson – July 2018
Katharine Scrivener – April 2018
Emily Reamer – January 2018